Cowboy Poetry is a group program for a maximum of 6 children that includes discussion, an introduction to life skills and communication through experiential learning.  Activities will be done with the horses as well as indoor activities and then there will be time to discuss, process and write what they have learned in their Cowboy Poetry book.  The writing may be difficult for some children and I may write for them.  There is no correction of spelling or grammar, and pictures or drawings may be used to express thoughts and feelings.  The goal is to develop critical thinking skills and creativity through play and activity.  The emphasis is setting achievable goals that are also challenging while assisting the children to regulate emotions and behaviors while they are having FUN! 

For more information contact Susan Cressy:

613-257-9332 or

Cowboy Poetry 

for girls and boys 8-12 years old

Please contact for 2020 dates
Highlands Gate Wellness, 4381 Wolf Grove Road, Lanark Highlands, ON, K0G-1K0  613-257-9332

Horses have many things to teach us.  Building a relationship with a horse helps to understand and practice respect, trust, safe boundaries, clear communication, self awareness & awareness of others, making safe choices, courage, and creative thinking.  There will be no riding in the first 4 weeks but it may be a goal in future sessions.  Please fill out and submit the registration form and I will contact you to set up a phone interview to answer any questions and to provide more information.