You Are Invited to a Snow Angel Making Party, February 16, 2020   

I am thrilled to say that we are celebrating the 10th Annual Snow Angel Making Party at Highlands Gate, 4381 Wolf Grove Road, Lanark Highlands, Ontario, Sunday February 16, 2020 from 1:00 - 4:00 pm. 

Over these past nine years I have done extensive, non-scientific research on the benefits of making snow angels and I have come to these conclusions:

  • If you can get down and, even better, get up after making one, you can be grateful for your good health.
  • If you make your angel on the side of a hill, it is easier to get up and you won’t feel as old as you are.
  • If you are able to drop down and create an angel when you are out walking with friends, you show vulnerability, courage and a zest for life.
  • If your courage has encouraged others to make a snow angel, you are spreading joy and pleasure.
  • Making snow angels with others increases the benefits exponentially.
  • If you a try different range of motion when creating your impression, you show creativity and curiosity which is good for the soul.
  • What I find most delightful, after flailing about, is actually lying very still in the snow and gazing up at whatever the sky has to offer that day and feeling the cold seep into my back and how the earth supports me so fully.  I feel connected, grounded, grateful and still.

So, Ray and I would like to invite you to experience any or all of the above and make your own observations to add to the list.   This is a fun party that is open to everyone who wants to fall backwards in the snow to make works of art.  There is no cost, it is not a fundraiser for anything, it is just an open party to enjoy.  There is a play structure with a curly slide, horses to feed carrots to, sliding hills and 85 acres of fields and forest to snow shoe and cross country ski.  There will be a campfire, a log refuge to warm up in, hot cider and good cheer and you are welcome to bring a treat to share.  Dress for the weather and wear a coat with a hood so you don't get snow down your neck when you are creating your angels.   We are the second laneway on the left after the flashing yellow light in Middleville, 21 kms from the Esso Station in Almonte, 4381 Wolf Grove Road, Lanark.